Furry Friend Formation

He Shoots, He FRAGS! The Spectators Go wild!


About Myself

Birthday: January 17 1985

Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario.

Height: 5.4 feet.

Weight: 170 pound.

Species: Emerald Swift


Hobbies: Playing PC games, working on my web sites, drawing and writing.

Favorite beverage: Bawls Guarana

Favorite food: CRICKETS!

Favorite Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and other Classical music.

Clothing: Fuzzy or baggy pants with an over sized belt, an orange vest and grew shirt with a pocket for my Pocket PC.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Physical Appearance: Nice Emerald color with light blue neck and chest. Back is covered with thick Needle like scales, Short nuzzle and large round eyes. Tummy scales are small soft, and shiny. Badly up kept claws and scales.


About: I love my PCs and thats what I do best, I upgrade them, repair, and even build gaming networks. I love my First Person Shooters and Role Playing games, especially Morrowind and Half-Life. I love to role play and have fun. People say Im a bit of a geek cause I make jewelry out of spare computer parts. I hope to one day to make myself a vest with all Working PC parts and be able to play anywhere.

My Artwork.